• Shaping a future of
    whole-person care

Together, we are leading a movement of continuous progress for intelligent health, continued welfare, and ongoing protection of people and communities. Our work enables integrated, whole-person care to create sustainable communities that flourish.

Every population faces its own unique challenges — including housing, food insecurity, transportation, isolation, or one of many other social determinants of health. We provide funding and support to organizations that protect the individuals and communities they serve — at the times and in the ways that benefit people the most.

These partnerships make a real difference in communities and in the world — helping us see connections more clearly, answer more complex questions, and improve the well-being of more people everywhere.

Socioeconomic factors are responsible for approximately 40% – 60% of a patient’s health, whereas only 20% of their health is tied to care access and quality of care.

The case for whole-person care

Why we need whole-person care now

A person’s health is largely determined by their circumstances and environment. A wide range of factors — including our zip code, environment, genetics, income, education level, and our relationships with friends and family — all have considerable impacts on health.

Today, there are significant socioeconomic disparities that affect each individual’s health. That’s why we must directly address these upstream determinants to profoundly improve a person’s overall wellness.

WellSky™ is uniquely qualified to improve care

Our focus on caring for the whole person aligns with WellSky’s portfolio of technology and services that powers improved care delivery across post-acute and community care. Our work is informed by WellSky’s proven track record of making change happen in complex systems.

Whether someone is facing transportation barriers, a lack of safe housing, limited access to healthy food, or a feeling of isolation, the WellSky Foundation is breaking down social barriers to health and wellness to build thriving communities.

How we create change

With an increased understanding of how social and economic determinants can positively affect the health and longevity of our communities, we can realize a more promising future of health and wellness. But this challenge is bigger than a health care system, the private sector, or any government agency.

By focusing our efforts on addressing these social factors, the WellSky Foundation can build, support, and lead partnerships that can make a meaningful difference within our communities.

The whole person

We support programs and organizations in their quest to provide:

  • Safe housing
  • Nutritious food
  • Reliable transportation
  • A supportive, engaged community

Together, we make potential possible.