Pete’s Garden

With the contribution from the WellSky Foundation, Pete’s Garden will be able to expand its Kids Feeding Kids program, a unique curriculum aiming to provide a real-world learning module to educate students on the causes of food insecurity while developing their culinary skills. By preparing and distributing healthy meals to vulnerable families within their community, the students also gain a sense of understanding of the root causes of food insecurity and empathy for those facing food insecurity.

This grant will support scaling up our Kids Feeding Kids program, which recently launched a successful pilot program with a gift from the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

“By the end of the WellSky Foundation’s two-year grand period, we expect over 100 teachers to be trained across Kansas and Missouri, extending the program’s reach and impact to thousands of high school students who will plan and prepare tens of thousands of meals for families in their communities. 

— Tamara Weber, Founder & Executive Director of Pete’s Garden